Buccaneers-Vikings Live Blog, First Half

10.25.12 5 years ago 552 Comments


The Vikings are being billed as the biggest surprise team of the first seven weeks of the season. While that’s probably true, Minnesota hits a pretty brutal stretch of their schedule after their bye in two weeks. The final six games of their season are comprised of both division contests against the Bears and Packers, as well as games on the road at Houston and St. Louis. Better load up on creampuffs while you can.

Adrian Peterson has been his regular Measty self, producing far better than anyone had reasonable cause to expect. Percy Harvin has been talked about as a possible MVP candidate. Christian Ponder started the season with limited mistakes, though they have been piling up in recent weeks. And they will lose Chris Kluwe once he inevitably leaves football for a full-time career in political advocacy.

As for the Buccaneers, a bunch of high-priced free agents along with the SCHIANO FACTOR haven’t done them a whole lot of good. Since this is only his first year, there’s probably not a great chance that Schiano gets shitcanned unless Tampa Bay loses out, so let’s all hope that they do. He’ll have a fun time tonight telling his boys to dive at Purple Jesus’ knees, I’m sure.

Also, because it’s Thursday night, I also wanted to share this great picture I found of Mike Mayock in the booth:

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