Nate The Great: Robinson’s 34 Points Ignite Bulls To 3 OT Win Vs. Nets

04.28.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

During the latter part of yesterday’s Bulls-Nets matchup, I decided to take an afternoon nap in the recliner. Who wouldn’t when Brooklyn was leading by 14 with a little under four minutes left in the game and a W seemed all but decided. When I woke up, I found out Nate Robinson just went all the way the f*ck off while I was snoozed.

In the fourth, Robinson finished with 23 points total on a variety of acrobatic shots that all seemed to find their way through the bottom of the nets. I guess after I began my midday dream, he reeled off 12 straight points and led the Bulls on a 16-2 run that eventually forced the game into the overtime. Let me correct that – it forced the game into one of three total overtimes before the Bulls pulled out a 142-134 win at home. The victory gives Chicago and 3-1 edge over Brooklyn.

Robinson finished with 34 points, four assists and two steals. The best quote regarding the game came from the player of the game, of course. At the press conference, he remarked “Kind of like the old-school game NBA Jam. “You make a couple, and the rim’s on fire or the ball’s on fire. I feel like that at times.” On fire indeed, Nate, on fire indeed.

Next Game: Monday, April 29 (7:00PM EST, TNT)

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