How Well Do You Know Bun B?

01.03.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Lovers of Hip-Hop know who Bun B is, what he stands for, the legendary music he has created and basically everything short of what his favorite cereal is. He’s been around for so long and managed to stay relevant for a variety of reasons that we have all picked up on game thanks to Bun at some point. These qualifications alone make the Port Arthur native one of the few living legends in the game.

However, there is always a yin to the yang and for those who do not practice UGKism, the Trill OG paired up alongside DJ Tay James for the mixtape We Know Bun B: The Original OG. It is not necessarily a “best of” project, but more inclined as an icebreaker and one he even approves of himself. His own solo work, his legendary penchant to feature on other artists’ songs and, of course, a handful of records with Pimp C make up the majority of what is found here. Bun even drops some knowledge throughout the tape on topics ranging from UGK’s creation and why he always felt the need to work with younger artists as opposed to playing the seniority card with them.

You should know what it is by now though. Respect to Bun. Love live Pimp C. And UGK will always remain eternal.

Respect: WKTDJ

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