The Legend Of Apollos Young

09.17.12 5 years ago

Every major urban city in America has a figure whose story is interwoven into the city’s fabric. A street hustler, a ball player or musician whose greatness never transcends the blocks that bred them but their myth continues to live on via oral tradition passed down by generations. For Detroit, Apollos Young, also known as The Inquiry, is a one-time grammar school phenom basketball player whose name endures as one of those figures.

Apollos (the “s” is silent) was an all-everything hooper of immeasurable talent who screwed up his whole life but nobody in Detroit cares. Full of flash, A.Y. was a high-point scoring, pistol-packing, womanizing, gold chain and baggy shorts-wearing brother who epitomized living life in full color for the world to see. And even though he crashed and burn before having his talents realized by the world, he’s still that dude in the D all these years later.

To pay homage, Burn Rubber linked up with Reebok to drop a special edition of the Question model, inspired by colors of the 1996 Detroit Pistons and the crazy life of legendary baller. Click here to get the full story on the rise and fall of Apollos.

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