Business Card Game Console Can Get You Reservations At Dorkia

03.04.14 4 years ago

And there’s even a watermark.

Kevin Bates dropped a resistor down a drill bit hole and an idea was born: What if you could play video games on your business card?

That would show Paul Allen who’s the better broker, that’s what.

The result of Bates’ happy accident is a hand-held game console that’s less than two millimeters thick, and the size of a credit card. It’s named the “Arduboy,” a portmanteau of the microcontroller it uses (the Arduino) and a Nintendo Gameboy, which inspired the Arduboy’s look. (Forever sad that I haven’t found a way to shoehorn in to this article the word “microprocessors” in a Boston accent.)

All the controls are capacitive, and the OLED display is teeny-weeny. It runs on a button battery that can give you up to nine hours of game play. So if you’ve got $50 to spend, you can purchase one of these bad boys from the creator. Why bother polishing your résumé when you can essentially hand recruiters a $50 bill?

Bates is hoping to get a Kickstarter campaign going so he can mass manufacture the cards. As of right now, a do-it-yourself kit from him is $30. The biggest obstacle is that he did not design his Arduboy with open-source software, which means to produce them, he has to pay a licensing fee that’s going to run him over $800.

Via Hackaday

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