But Seriously… What the Hell Is Denver Doing?

03.11.09 9 years ago 76 Comments

With the continued deterioration of the Jay Cutler situation in Denver, I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more of an effort by the Broncos’ front office to make amends with Cutler.  I haven’t seen this lit up in klieg lights and broadcast across the Internet yet, so I just wanted to be the first to ask Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels…


As any moron who’s seen a football game knows, the single most important position for a team is quarterback.  And at any given time, there are only about 15, maybe 20 people ON THE ENTIRE PLANET who can effectively lead an NFL offense without egregiously fucking up several times a game.  Of those, there are perhaps four or five whose skill and decision-making abilities regularly elevate the team to win games it would otherwise lose.

If Cutler isn’t yet at that top tier, he has at least demonstrated the potential to soon get there.

Cutler is only 25.  He has started only two full seasons.  Last season, as the famed Denver running attack was decimated by injuries, Cutler completed 62.3% of his passes for over 4500 yards (third in the NFL), 25 TDs, and 18 INTs.  And for those who might point out that his 86.0 passer rating was only 16th in the NFL, I would counter that (a) Seneca Wallace and Shaun Hill had higher ratings, so (b) passer rating is about as useful as LaDainian in the playoffs.

A better indicator might be this: only Drew Brees had more passing attempts than Cutler’s 616, yet Cutler was sacked only 11 times all season.  Kerry Collins, who captained a run-first offense and didn’t even start until Vince Young’s mental collapse, was the only starting quarterback who was sacked fewer times.  (Matt Cassel, the guy McDaniels wanted: one point better in passing percentage, and 47 sacks).  Perhaps some of that explains why Cutler was the fifth-best quarterback in the league according to Football Outsiders’ DYAR.

My point is, Jesus CHRIST I would LOVE to have this guy taking snaps for my team for the next 7 years.  And so would Vikings fans.  And Jets fans.  And Titans fans.  And Raiders fans.  And any of the other teams who are living with Trent Edwards.  Kyle Orton.  Fucking Dan Orlovsky.

This shit blows my mind.  Do they not realize how rare and wonderful a real, live, young, GOOD quarterback is?  Hell, Ben Roethlisberger’s won two Super Bowls, and Pittsburgh fans are still justifiably terrified when he holds on to the ball for more than three seconds.

And why would the Lions or the Seahawks or anyone else risk drafting Matthew Stafford — a great prospect, but obviously unproven — with their #1 pick when they could trade that pick and some other parts for a rare proven commodity?

/breathes into paper bag

Am I crazy?  Is Cutler’s lack of personality THAT big of a deal?  Is his diabetes going to go off the charts and end his career?  Has he been beating Brandon Marshall’s girlfriend too?  What the hell am I missing?

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