But We Wanna Laugh At Bobby Petrino, Too!

04.11.12 5 years ago 34 Comments

College football fans always wanna drone on about how they have the superior gameday experience compared to the NFL. Even though they’re almost certainly right, the only time I ever feel jealous for college fans is when they get a sumptuously batsh*t scandal like what’s going on with Bobby Petrino. They get them often, the bastards. Oh, but this one has been so good.

Sure, Petrino’s certainly not unknown to the NFL, but his legacy with the pros doesn’t extend far beyond former Jags assistant of a couple years and “that mediocre coach who dicked over the Falcons”. Limited NFL talking points or not, we intend to share in the glory of Petrino’s downfall, neckbraces, $20,000 retainers to engaged women and all.

It even brought longtime KSK favorite LSUFreek out of hiding and truly that alone is something to be thankful for. As one might expect, the Taiwanese animators weighed in, as they are wont to do with any scandal of note. The inclusion of road head shows indeed an artist’s touch.

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