Buzz Schwing’s Holiday Decorations Tend Toward The Ribald

11.01.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

Between crying jags as the Redskins were going through the final minute of yesterday’s loss to the Lions, Maj caught an amusing name among Fox’s camera crew. At first blush, Buzz Schwing sounds as though it might be a subtly orchestrated prank from someone in the production team, but it just so happens that Mr. Schwing is an actual person with real feelings and endearing crotch thrusts.

In other news, our combined intellectual age is somewhere around 16.

Oh, and did you hear that Donovan McNabb got benched late in the game for the Sex Cannon and that Grossman fumbled for a clinching Lions touchdown? Of course not. You surely rely on a lazy football dick joke blog for all your breaking sports stories. We wanted to do something to mock McNabb for already losing the confidence of yet another head coach, but he already took the liberty of producing his own moutheyes image. That’s veteran moutheye discipline.

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