Buzzsaw! Matty Ice! Not Much Defense! It’s a Wild Cardkkake!

01.03.09 9 years ago 21 Comments

Kurt Warner makes his savior-approved return to the prayoffs playoffs, while Matt Ryan makes his debut. I wonder even during a playoff game what the percentage of Cardinals fans will be in the Pink Taco? 55 percent? Expect copious clips of the ’47 Chicago Cardinals squad.

Kurt better get shine on as the league’s most devout QB in now, because once Tim Tebow comes to town next year, it’s gonna be a messy Lord-off between the two of them for most overt, discomfiting displays of faith. I think the young guy can take him.

And if I can’t have Tramp Stamp Buzzsaw Girl, Face Paint Buzzsaw Girls will serve as a fine proxy. Let it be so!

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