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03.30.10 4 Comments

VIDEO BELOW: Kids sing Jonathan Coulton’s “Still Alive”, the closing credits song from Portal.  [via Unreality]

Burnsy explains how to make your pet an internet sensation.  [Uproxx]

There’s a whole website devoted to Michael Bublé being stalked by a velociraptor.  I love you, internet.  [Urlesque]

Battlefield Earth screenplay writer issues belated apology.  Now the healing can begin.  [Filmdrunk]

In a stunning turn of events, researchers at the Department of the Obvious find TV hospitals unrealistic.  [WarmingGlow]

10 presidents who loved to party.  Guess which one bought ten gallons of whiskey every Sunday.  [Guyism]

A German university is letting 20 undergraduates major in being Roman gladiators.  [WithLeather]

New kind of raptor discovered.  [Asylum]

Batman’s goofiest gadgets list needs more bat shark repellant.  [ComicsAlliance]

Galactic Empire State of Mind  [CollegeHumor]

Kids reenact a scene from Scarface.  [TheSmokingSection]

Godzilla is coming back.  [InsideMovies]

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