Cam Newton Has ‘Playmaking Gum’

12.05.13 4 years ago 46 Comments

(via Getty Image)

Lots of athletes have superstitions. For Cam Newton, it’s the gum he chews throughout games that he believes is the source of his big play magic.

He chews gum constantly in games because his mouth gets too dry without it and he has a hard time calling the plays. But there turns out to be a system to when he changes sticks.

“I just depend on Wrigley’s Winterfresh chewing gum to get me through the adverse times in the game,” he said. “…. And in a given game, the superstition comes. You made a big play? Even if the gum is rock solid, you can’t take it out. You got to keep fighting through it. You may put another piece of gum in, but that’s that playmaking gum. But if you’re sucking, of course, you’ve got to toss that gum.”

PLAYMAKING GUM! If Wrigley’s doesn’t partner with Cam in the off-season to release a brand called Playmaking Gum, they deserve to go bankrupt.

If you’ll recall, Saints coach Sean Payton had a superstition related to Juicy Fruit during New Orleans’ Super Bowl year in 2009.

Hopefully Payton brings it back for Sunday’s contest. It’s the battle of the lucky gum – Winterfresh vs. Juicy Fruit!

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