Cam Newton Was As Captivated By The NBA All-Star Game As We Were

02.18.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Cam Newton’s sideline expressions get scrutinized in ways that border on insanity. In the past, he’s been caught during Panthers games draping a towel over the top of his head, a look which caused a few media people to proclaim Cam a no-account sulking glory boy clownfraud. Lucky for him, the NFL season is over, so Cam can look as detached as he wants during sporting events without consequence. That’s good, because Cam looked awfully zoned out during the NBA All-Star game over the weekend. Possibly because all-star games in general are typically boring affairs. Like everyone else who made the trip to Houston, Cam was there for the parties.

It’s also possible there was something playing on the video board that entranced him. “Shell game! I’ve never lost a shell game in my life and I’m not about to start now. Focus… focus… focus… OH DAMN, THEY’RE SPEEDING UP! THIS IS TOO MUCH!”

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