Cam’ron ‘1st Of The Month: Vol. 1’ Trailer + Artwork And Tracklist

06.26.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

We all know, at any given, Cam’ron ranks as one of rap’s more entertaining personalities, and by far, one of its greatest ever. Any avenue we’re afforded for Cam to be Cam – whether it be Instagram videos or random interviews – we’re all better off in the long run.

Music’s always been Killa’s calling card, so new music from The Dips’ HNIC is a gift that keeps on giving. After months and months (and months) speaking the project into existence, it appears as if Cam’s 1st Of The Month series is officially underway, evidenced by its trailer narrated by the eternally hilarious Cousin Bang. 1st drops on July 1 and is already available on iTunes for pre-order. Check the tracklist below.



1st Of The Month: Vol. 1 EP Tracklist

1. Other Side (feat. Sen City)
2. Talk About It
3. Funeral
4. Put It In The Sky (feat. UN KASA)
5. Homicide

Oh, and Cam, the new music is great. In fact, your music the past year and some change has been worth keeping in rotation. Having this series finally come to life is great. But, seriously, where in the hell is Federal Reserve?

The streets (and ‘burbs) need that, B. A Cousin Bang spoken word album, too.

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