Cam’ron’s “We Made It” Freestyle Is Proof Rap’s More Fun When Cam’s Having Fun

02.11.14 4 years ago 25 Comments

Cam regaining his musical punch over the past year has been one of the better and quieter storylines in rap. Granted, that may come with its fair share of bias, but King Jaffe Joe’s newest mp3 – his interpretation of Drake’s “We Made It” – is proof of such.

He’s witty and comical.

“She wanna leave with the kid, you dig, I put her right under my cape
But I’m with JuJu and JuJu with Roxy and she with Sanaa
We drunk and we hungry no we not bougie we go to Papayas
We went to my crib and chilled, oh you think I’m a liar?
Sanaa lookin’ at JuJu, I’m lookin’ at her like why don’t you try it?”

And more than anything else, Cam’s loyalty to Dame remains unquestioned as he credits him for opening the door for present-day success stories a la Kanye, Kevin Hart and more. Even with Dash’s public pitfalls since the dissolving of Rocafella, Killa’s stance has been what it was long before Dame decided to bring his childhood friend to The R.O.C. in the early 2000s.

Cam has no problem speaking on Jay Z either. Not from a disrespectful standpoint as was the case many moons ago, but more from a different point of view.

“Ok, Jay, we know he made it
I know he gon’ say that he did it hisself
This ain’t a diss song it ain’t nothin’ bout wealth
This is about how real niggas don’t tell
And you, Dame and Biggs made it out of the hell
From moving them birds to rappin’ on great beats
I was 15-years-old moving them birds right over to State Street…”

Long live The Dips. Long live rap’s Martin and Gina aka Cam and JuJu (seasons 1-4 only, of course). Long live Killa’s cape line that is allegedly on the way. I need one.

Long live Cameron Ezike Giles, rap’s Dos Equis Man.

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