Cardinals-Rams Live Blog, First Half

10.04.12 5 years ago 569 Comments

After years as a laughingstock, the NFC West is considered by some to be the best in football so far this year. Leading the way is the Buzzsaw, a team that most thought would do no better than a game above or below the .500 mark. For all the cruel jokes we lose about ignoring them, it’s good to have not every team located west of the Mississippi to be boring and mediocre. It makes for a poor overall slate of Sunday late afternoon games.

The Buzzsaw hung on to remain undefeated on Sunday with a late rally over the Dolphins. No doubt Ryan Tannehill was sad to lose to what he thought was an AFC South team. The Cardinals defense remains a force, though everyone is waiting on the game that Kevin Kolb costs them a win with a handful of turnovers, causing Darnell Dockett to stuff upside down in a garbage can. The Rams are also dangerously close to being respectable, even if it seems that everyone on their coaching staff is some other coach’s son. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson with Josh McDaniels.

Not trying to be like Jaws and sell a game between teams that not a whole lot of people usually care about, but I think this could be a pretty good contest. Oh wait, people don’t generally like low-scoring affairs with a lot of defense. Hmm, forget I said anything. At least there’s a good chance that Cortland Finnegan will start a fight. I would actually be impressed if he got Nicest Guy In The Universe Larry Fitzgerald to throw a punch. That’s like a troll achievement.

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