Cats: Adorable And Horrifying

05.05.11 6 years ago

Let’s start with the adorable part and then reveal the horrifying underbelly of this post (consider it like trying to parent a toddler).  The Humane Society released an ad blissfully free of Sarah McLachlan music and slow-motion shots of kittens holding an icebag in their paws, nursing a toothache.  Instead, the Human Society opted for an adorable ad with talking kittens.  What does this have to do with geek news?  Nothing.  It only serves to soften the horror of the second half of this post.  Also, talking kittens.  Talking kittens trump geek news.

“One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had been changed into an adorable kitten.”

This is the premise of The Meowmorphosis, Coleridge Cook’s, uh, parody? of Franz Kafka’s [Katka’s?] The Metamorphosis.  It’s published by Quirk Books, known on these pages for Night of the Living TrekkiesSense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  As adorable and fun as being a giant kitten sounds like it would be, after watching the book trailer below (second video), I’m now willing to finally forgive the Zoltar machine which refused to grant my wish back in 1990.  You were wiser than I, Zoltar machine. I now understand it wouldn’t have been only belly rubs and fluffy happiness.

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