Catwoman's Latest Heist Goes Wrong In This Exclusive Preview Of 'Catwoman' #29

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DC Comics

Catwoman is many things to many people, but she’s one thing above all else: A thief. And she gets to flex those muscles again after a long absence in this latest preview.

This is something of an oddball issue, in that it’s a fill-in from Sholly Fisch while the book’s next major arc from Ann Nocenti, Race of The Outlaws, starts in April. Fisch is something of a journeyman at DC, writing backups for Action Comics and actually tackling a lot of DC’s more kid-friendly books. This is actually one of his few forays into relatively serious Batbooks, although he’s done a superb job on Batman: The Brave and The Bold and worked on The Batman Chronicles.

It’s a fairly simple setup: Selina, seemingly over her Gothtopia problems, is back in action and about to rob Taylor Pharmaceuticals, newly acquired by WayneTech. But, of course, things go wrong… although just how will have to wait for next week, when Catwoman #29 hits stands.




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