Badvertising: CD Booklets Get Ads, TiVo Commercials

08.03.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

In a case of one drowning victim latching on to another who’s also drowning, advertising agencies & the entertainment industry are apparently teaming up in an attempt to save each other. Cause & effect has seen advertising suffer in this economy and, as a result, media has felt the blow causing many staples to sink. To try to cope with the changing landscape, advertisers are making fledgling attempts to find new means to hit customers. Two upcoming changes – advertising in CD booklets and ads coming to TiVo.

According to Billboard, Def Jam will begin integrating advertisements in their artists CD booklets with the release of Mariah Carey’s upcoming album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.

The booklet will include a mini Elle magazine that will boast advertisements from brands like Elizabeth Arden, Angel Champagne and Carmen Steffens, among others. The magazine will also be available in digital format for those who buy the album online.

The advertisements which will be featured on the label’s upcoming releases will have to match the artists lifestyles . The various brands featured on the CD booklet will also assist in cross-promotion of the artists albums.

L.A. Reid thinks it’s still the early part of the millennium, saying “My artists have substantial circulation—when you sell 2 million, 5 million, 8 million, that’s a lot of eyeballs.” Hmm…right L.A.

For other genres, this may work. But for rap, I’m not so sure seeing as how albums are pushed back & release dates change like the weather. Plus, I already know what Kanye favors because his ghostwriters he informs me on a daily basis. Realistically, the labels make out like fat rats and I’m not sure how they managed to convince ad agencies that this would be effective.

On the TiVo front…

“…TiVo, which became popular for its technology that lets people skip TV commercials, is developing new ways to show ads.

As a result, you won’t necessarily see more traditional, 30-second commercials. Instead, many of the new TV ads will resemble online ads — interactive and often shaped for individual members of the audience. They’ll also be harder to ignore. Typically, you can’t opt out of seeing them.

The companies behind the latest kind of ads hope they’ll especially appeal to advertisers that are increasingly careful with their marketing budgets. In turn the advertisers are betting viewers won’t be turned off — as long as the ads pitch products and services tailored to consumers’ particular interests.

An ad exec said “People like to shop. People like to research products,” which is true. But for the most part, people like to research products on their own. I’ve never bought anything featured on an infomercial. Now with Billy Mays dead & not available to attempt to sway me, I doubt that’s going to change. I may watch/humor a handful of informercials, but never getting the wool pulled over my eyes long enough for to even consider whipping out my credit card & dialing up a 800 number to make a purchase.

In the end, the only real benefactors I see sit on the entertainment end as they’ll rake in the bucks, while advertisers will continue to search for more effective ways – like NBA practice jerseys and such – to reach the buying public.

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