20 Celebrities Who Could Quite Possibly Be Real-Life Zombies

By 02.07.13

I got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE BRAINS. Via.

For the most part celebrities are extroverted and well-kept and don’t garner much suspicion of being roaming corpses, but there are a select few who are rather odd in a could-possibly-be-a-zombie-for-one-reason-or-another sort of way. And in this walking dead obsessed culture of ours identifying the notorious personalities who may actually be biters just seems like a prudent exercise.

Starting with the low-hanging fruit, we have everyone’s favorite lovable real-life zombie, Christopher Walken. He so fits the bill the perfect TWD internet parody was made in his honor. If one was to be chewed on and turned into a lifeless husk of their former self by one celebrity and one celebrity only, we could all do a lot worse than Mr. Walken. Hell, many of us may welcome it.

The rest of this group, not so much.

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Gary Busey

Zombie or not, the internet’s favorite psychotic uncle has definitely bitten into another human before.


Keith Richards

Slam dunk. 30 years plus of lifeless guitar-playing and counting.

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Michael Shannon

Would you be at all surprised if Agent Van Alden started gnawing on you? Didn’t think so.

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Tommy Lee Jones

There’s an entire meme dedicated to the grumpy society-hating zombie Tommy Lee Jones has become.

Lindsay Lohan

She turned somewhere between Herbie Fully Loaded and Machete.

Nick Nolte

Such a shame they got poor Nick when he was still in his bathrobe.

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Kathy Griffin

Been gobbling up spare body parts for years. One of a specialty breed capable of eating your soul.

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Steve Buscemi

Cameraman looks… tasty.

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We know zombie arms when we see them.

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Willem Dafoe

Someone tell Buscemi that cameraman is mine.

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Ryan Seacrest

A dapper corpse for sure, but only the living dead could maintain his hours and subject matter.

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Al Pacino

Is this photo coincidence? Think not.


Crispin Glover

No explanation necessary.

Kristen Stewart

They see me lifelessly cashing checks, they hatin’.


Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Joe Flacco

Big arm for a walker.


Nicole Kidman

Almost definitely relying on the flesh of young starlets at this point.

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Matthew McConaughey

Went fully zombie shortly after Oscar snub.

Iggy Pop

The only musician rivaling Keith Richards in living dead longevity.

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And of course, Terry Kiser

The ultimate celebrity zombie.

Many thanks to Dustin Rowles for his input.

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