Chad Ochocinco Represents the Passion of Red Sox Nation

08.08.11 6 years ago 19 Comments

Chad Ochocinco, né Johnson, native of Miami, alumnus of Santa Monica and Oregon State, longtime receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, and newest addition to New England’s FOOTBALL RED SAWX, displays some of the oldest Red Sox merchandise in Fenway during last night’s Yankees game, which was won by who cares it’s baseball. Also pictured: an obviously enthralled Evelyn Lozada and lumpy middle-aged Peter King types wealthy enough to afford great seats at Fenway but not quite so rich as to enjoy the the roomy luxury box seats that make Boston’s bandbox the greatest sports stadium in the galaxy.

Suddenly, I’m very excited for this season’s “Ocho and Marvin” spin-off, “Ocho and Belichick.”

(screencap via @jose3030)

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