Chamillionaire To Michael Jordan: “You’s A B*tch!”

10.19.09 8 years ago 64 Comments

Well, not really. As we all know, Koopa isn’t the one for curse words or to talk greasy for that matter, but you can see the frustration as he’s recounting the time his Royal Airness made him feel like a groupie over a simple request. 15 G’s!?!? For real? What was that, snow bunny fare Mike?

Personally, I stopped striving to “Be Like Mike” around the time Biggie crafted “Niggas Bleed,” (which coincidentally happened around the time of the real retirement.) Afterwards, MJ started missing dunks in D.C., showing off his wack sense of fashion and posing like an extra from Wild Hogs. Seems like I snapped back into reality just in time.

Guess that makes two of us Jason H.

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