Who Wants A $100 Champs Sports Gift Card?

09.24.13 4 years ago 166 Comments


The skinny: As fate would have it, a $100 gift card from Champs Sports fell in my lap. Under normal circumstances, I’d keep it and buy myself a pair of kicks. But, as it turns out, I checked my shopping wish list and there wasn’t anything I really need at the moment*.

So, I’ve decided to give it away. Yep, one person is going to win $100 to spend online at Champs. And to get it, the entry process is going to be as easy as can be.

1. Go to ChampsSports.com.

2. Pick an item, any item. Whatever you’d buy with the $100, grab the name of the item and a direct link for it and then leave said link in the comments.


Jordan III

Nike Track Jacket

That’s it. Those two steps will be your official entry into the contest. In fact, I don’t care how many times you enter. Come back and enter everyday if you want.

We’ll pick the winner…well, pretty randomly if you can’t already tell. It’ll probably end up being whoever picks the coolest stuff or just seems like they could use $100 worth of free gear. And we’ll end the entry period once it seems like entries have slowed.

Thanks to Champs for the kindness and support.

Update: We’ve got a winner selected. Check your profile’s inbox for a new message from one of our staff members. Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll be sure to do this again very soon!

Update #2: The winner was C V. Enjoy your spoils, sir!

* — I almost spent $60 of it on Elite socks. But that’s when I figured that it would probably be better to give it away than to waste it on a bunch of pairs of socks.

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