Chance Fischer – “Deux”

04.04.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


Dubbed as the sequel to 2012’s “Tantalize,” Chance Fischer titling his latest audio nugget, “Deux,” makes sense.

A pinch more aggressive this go round courtesy of D Nilsz’s production, the Richmond native’s razor sharp wittiness hasn’t lost a step, nor has the propensity to craft overall strong records. “Deux” is a worthy addition to any spring playlist, but now the question looms, where is the long-awaited Friends.Romans.Collegemen or WREATH?

He hasn’t yet earned the name Chance Electronica with respect to an already diverse catalog. Fischer’s a perfectionist, as artists should be. But it is getting warm in Richmond, which means people are beginning to spend more and more time outside. No one’s going to hear that music locked away in the studio.

As Jay Z once said, “Let that b*tch breathe.”

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