Channing Crowder Said Ricky Williams Used To Get High Before Games

09.05.13 4 years ago 34 Comments


It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that Ricky Williams spent a lot of his free time, even during NFL seasons, smoking weed. But exactly how much was a matter of guesswork. No longer! Channing Crowder, who was teammates with Ricky Williams in Miami for four seasons, decided to spill the beans this week on Miami sports radio on Ricky’s weed habits during his playing days.

“Remember that Buffalo game, the 200-yard game?” Crowder said. “Smoked the night before. Talk to Ricky. He was doing it, that’s what he did. Ricky has social anxiety and he smoked weed. Ricky’s marijuana didn’t affect the team until he got caught smoking. . . Him smoking weed, sitting at his house smoking weed, didn’t affect anybody but Ricky. He got high and then he sobered up and then he went to practice the next day.”

The night before a practice or a game wouldn’t have too much of an effect the following day. Hell, he probably could have smoked the morning-of and been all right. Still, another reminder that we miss Ricky’s whackadoo personality.

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