Notable Quotable – Crooked I On “Tears Of Fire”

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Words By K1NG

“I’m the product of a cheap condom, accidents happen
My dad never knew he had a bastard kid rappin’
Sad when I met the man, imagine him laughing
Saying I wish I could’ve wiped you off the mattress with napkins
To him, my whole life is only worth a lame joke
To me, him and Marvin Gaye’s father are in the same boat
All I had was mama, all we had was drama
So I’m a armed robber who needs body armor for all my karma
It’s hard for me to breathe, I’m that gone
No woman can be my backbone that’s what part of me believes
Cuz soon as they get close it’s like pardon me, I leave
Cupid shot at my chest, but my heart was on my sleeve
In the dark I’m on my knees, praying to understand stuff
Suicide rumbling in my head as I stand up
Gun in my waist, tumbling down my leg through my pant cuff
I’m reaching for it, I’m thinking please ignore it
I’m sick of me…”


Crooked I on Charles Hamilton’s “Tears Of Fire

Over a backdrop of synths, guitar riffs and the vocal cries of a forgotten rockstar the Long Beach resident of Slaughterhouse pours his soul out about the demons of his past that push him to the brink of suicide. The song, “Tears Of Fire,” is one of the tracks off of Charles Hamilton’s debut album The Perfect Life, but sounds more like a Crooked I song that Chuck remixed by tacking on a lackluster verse about “annoying” friends on the tail end of the beat. Crooked owned this song and, unfortunately, it made the artist whose song it was intended to showcase look undeveloped comparatively.

If Crooked could carry the intensity that he carries on this verse throughout an entire album with beats similar to this one, we could very well be looking at a classic album from the West Coast MC in the near future.

Download — Charles Hamilton Feat. Crooked I – “Tears Of Fire”

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