Charles Hamilton – “Word? Aight” Video

12.13.08 9 years ago 29 Comments

Because we are not The Source, XXL or Benzino of yesteryear, humming to ourselves with our fingers in our ears, pretending that music by select artists doesn’t exist because of our disagreement with that artist.

And, even more, it’s important that we continue to disseminate good music to the masses when it passes through our inbox.

And even more than more, because Charles cracked a musical funny with this one…but dear Lord, please believe that there’s a Youtube rant by SB, odds are being filmed as I type this post.

And even more than that last more, so some of you ragamuffin twats can get your undies out of a bunch.

Contrary to popular belief, nobody on this side is “boycotting” C. Hamilton (well, I speak for myself). I was only critical of one maneuver (the slighting of OS)& the spin-off of the shit, which would be the “beef” with Soulja Boy. If folk wants to play himself out or be lead into the direction of pop appeal purgatory by his label, so be it. I’ll follow & listen until the music no longer suits my tastes.

Audio — Charles Hamilton – Word? Aight

Aside — Express your hate for the teenybopper all you want, the video below appealed to my sophomoric sensibilities & always gives me a laugh.

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