This Video Collage Is Our Way Of Saying Happy 50th Birthday, Charles Oakley!

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Charles Oakley was the first “Dos Equis Man.” He’s Michael Jordan’s best friend. LeBron refers him as “uncle,” and he’s gone on record singing his “nephew’s” praises, too. He’s one of the most popular New York Knicks players in franchise history. He’s a HBCU alum who was actually a lottery pick in 1985! And to most who have followed the game longer than the advent of America Online, he’s one of the most mythical and loved players in basketball history.

Today, Charles Oakley – one of the greatest goons/enforcers since the days of the Roman Empire – turns 50. Instead of waxing 2,000-word poetics about the impact and legacy of a man who had no problems stepping to any-damn-body, developing a brief a collage of his finer (confrontational) moments would be more applicable.

To be fair, pigeonholing the guy as just someone who looked to fight is unfair. He started in 1,152 of 1,282 games in his career while having career averages of 9.7 points, 9.5 rebounds on 47.1% shooting. But all I’m saying is this, if you’re ever going to be known for something in life…why not be known as a badass and someone who never backed down?

To the younger generation who haven’t taken the time to realize how awesome of a cult hero Oakley really was during the days of the NBA your fathers, uncles and older cousins always harp on, this is your University 101 course. You’re welcome.

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Oakley Bullies The Rookie, Scottie Pippen

Somewhere, Richie Incognito is looking at this and wondering where it all went wrong (aside from the whole n-word, “shit-in-your-mouth” text, of course).

Oakley Tallies A Grown Man Double-Double

And by “grown man double-double,” I mean 26 points and 35 rebounds.

Charles Vs. X-Man

Good times in the Garden when a hard working man or woman could go to a Knicks game and get a WWF match free of charge.

Charles Vs. Charles


“Jeff Van Gundy’s On The Bottom Of The Pile!”

There’s no way you were getting out of here without this one.

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