Charlie Sheen Might Have Bought LT’s Super Bowl Ring

05.24.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

The minor off-season drama of Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl XXV ring showing up on an online auction site might have the worst possible conclusion. Jay Glazer is reporting that LT and his agent were told that Charlie Sheen was the one who submitted the winning $230,000 bid.

Hoo boy, things are about to get shitshow-y. While Glazer has yet to confirm that Sheen is the actual buyer, that’s at least what LT was told. And it makes sense, beyond the HUUUUUURRRRRRRR THEY BOTH LIKE COCAINE AND RAPE CHARGES angle. Sheen has a new FX show about to debut. This would make for a somewhat expensive, but obnoxiously effective, method of getting that extra publicity.

Worst of all, it gives dippy people an excuse to regurgitate the various stupid catchphrases and one-liners from Sheen’s very public breakdown from last year, which is totally something we need more of.

Tee hee. Great work, Jay. Now back to MMA training with Matt Leinart. BRAHS DON’T TAP, BRAH!

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