Charlie Wilson Is Clairvoyant

07.05.09 8 years ago 15 Comments

…or an extremely wishful thinker.

As “the music man,” you already know one of my aunties hit me with an mp3 player when I got to my parents house yesterday. 2GBs with the only instructions “I want the Beyonce ‘Put A Ring On It’ video (anybody got an .avi version or know how to convert .mkv’s to .avi?) and that song by whatshisname…you know…that one man.”

“Who? John Legend (my mom’s favorite so I just figured)? D’Angelo? Anthony Hamilton?”

“No, that one man…with that one song…*breaks into a light alto* ‘Theeereee goooeess…”

“…Myy baaayyyy-baaayyyyyy”

I’ve been meaning to mention this song anyways but that really gave me a frame of reference from which to work. Charlie makes good music even if it’s not remarkably “deep” from a songwriting perspective. Between the ballads & mid-tempo tunes, his songs work a little because of his lightweight lyrics but more because of his booming pipes, singing each word with melodic strength.

“There Goes…” has been all over radio for months & is virtually undeniable. The first two times you hear it, you may avoid the temptation to sing along, but it still garners your attention. I imagine the lady to be a young, striking damsel because I can’t imagine Charlie singing to a woman his age. Seeing as how he’s hanging on those thin-ass braids, the Loc shades & promises of having her hair done, I can see him in pursuit of a young tender worthy of exhausting his prescription of blue diamonds. By the third & following listens, you’re singing right with Charlie, hoping that his old ass does indeed succeed in wooing his baby.

But, yo…Charlie, that “we gonna have some babies.” Slow your roll old playa. You don’t need to be “the old dad” coming in on a walker @ your potential kid’s graduation.


Download — Charlie Wilson – “There Goes My Baby”

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