Check Out This Guy’s Tattoo Honoring The 20th Anniversary Of Wu-Tang’s First Album

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11.18.13 4 Comments

Wooooo Tang

Here’s how this went down: I saw someone retweet this image from Black Sports Online, so I opened it and looked at the photo for about 20 seconds, and I asked myself, “Why on Earth does this guy have a giant tattoo on his leg of Ric Flair holding a Wu-Tang Clan championship belt?” It took just another second or two for me to respond, “Because WOOOOOOOOOO TANG!” and then I smiled because this is why I love the Internet so much sometimes.

Wooooo Tang 2

I bet when the Wu-Tang Clan recorded ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’ 20 years ago, they never imagined that it would cause a guy to ink the Nature Boy on his leg.

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