Check It Out Bro, It’s Tom Brady on ‘Entourage’

08.11.09 8 years ago 52 Comments

Dude, check this scene from “Entourage”!

So Turtle rolls up in the golf cart while the guys are playing golf with Tom Brady and Marky Mark, right?  And he brought water because E was hanging out with some octogenarian!  Dude, Turtle knows the word “octogenarian”!  He’s hella smart!  And he “forgot” water for Brady, because Turtle’s a Giants fan!  Ha ha, your bitch ass got OWNED, Brady!  18-1!  18-1!  Nice one, Turtle!  Fist bump!

Dude.  But then Tom Brady’s all nice and cool and says that they should hang out.  Because Tom Brady’s the MAN, yo!  And Turtle could be down, because whatever, dude’s married to Gisele, right?  I’d hit that.  I’d wear that Brazilian ass OUT.  She couldn’t get enough of this, bro.  Then Marky Mark’s all “Stop eye-fucking Tom Brady” to Turtle, because Marky Mark will CALL YOU ON YOUR SHIT.  You see The Departed, bro?  Fuckin EVERYONE got their fuckin head blown off.  Fuckin’ awesome.  That’s how I’d do shit if I was a cop.  Just BLAM!  Dead.

Then Drama changes the subject, because that’s what Drama does.  He’s wearin’ fuckin’ stupid clothes, because Drama don’t give a shit.  Drama fuckin’ OWNS.

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