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08.16.11 6 years ago 18 Comments

Mom and dad said the reason to take pictures is because things change and you want to remember them as they are. Or because you see something amazing and want to hold onto it forever. People take a lot of pictures of my mom and dad. Someone said it’s because they are beautiful people. Even if I didn’t believe every single thing I hear to be the absolute truth because I’m an infant with a highly malleable brain, I’m not so sure I would doubt that. Granted, I have very limited frame of reference with which to determine where my parents fall of the scale of overall attractiveness, but when I see them, I feel good inside. That must mean they are beautiful.

Is the thing that dangles between my legs beautiful? Recently, yet another person was taking a picture of my beautiful mom and my beautiful dad. Is that because they are so fantastically beautiful that people cannot help themselves? Or does it mean that beautiful things don’t stay beautiful forever? Will my parents become ugly? I don’t know. That’s a scary thought. Nevertheless, mom and dad became upset when they found out that my dangle leg was included in a photo of them that people saw.

Why does this upset them? Dangle leg is part of me. Does that mean I am ugly? The picture snappers have taken photos of me before and it didn’t seem to upset mom like now. Is it just dangle leg that is ugly? Ugly is bad because ugly things are not loved. Love is important to me. I’m not sure why, exactly. But if I feel I am not loved, I cry out uncontrollably. I won’t stop until the feeling of love returns. I can stay up all night until this happens. The need possesses me. When it is satisfied, only then can I function again or be at peace. There are times when I think I need love more than food. But then I get hungry and I rethink that.

It is clear to me now that dangle leg is ugly and will keep me from being loved. I tried to remove dangle leg by pulling on it, but that does not work. I tried and I tried and I experienced pain. Usually, when I have pain, I stop what I am doing immediately, but this is important. I need love and dangle leg will stop me from getting love. Eventually, the pain became too great. I guess I have no choice but to live with dangle leg, this ugly thing, even though my parents hate it and wish to hide it from the world. That must be why they dress me in things that hide dangle leg. I will make sure they keep it hidden. That they themselves won’t see it. I love my beautiful mom and beautiful dad. All I want is their love.

Please love me even though I have a dangle leg.

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