Chewbacca And The Links

04.28.11 6 years ago

50 Actual Items That You Can Buy To Celebrate The Royal Wedding [Uproxx]

Obama releases long form birth certificate, America jumps the stupid shark [Uproxx]

How Does Coffee Really Hurt You? [UproxxNews]

Gary Busey joins the cast of Piranha 3 Double D [Filmdrunk]

The DS No Longer Prints Money? [UproxxNews]

Meet the cast of “Geordie Shore” [WarmingGlow]

Now that’s a pep talk [WithLeather]

This Week In F–k You: NordicTracks [KSK]

They Really Want $100M For MySpace? [TSS]

Myspace Tom is doing great [Uproxx]

With Leather’s free fantasy baseball competition begins [WithLeather]

The 2011 NFL Draft Drinking Game [Gunaxin]

10 Videos Of People Running Into Screen Doors. [EgoTV]

Twitter Celebrities React To Obama’s Birth Certificate [Buzzfeed]

The 10 Craziest Arrest Stories of Players in This Draft Class. [BleacherReport]

Footage of a Mile-Wide Tornado Ripping Through Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama [Brobible]

Wes Freed, who designed all the Drive-By Truckers album art, explains the perfect album cover [TSJ]

VIDEO BELOW: Chewbacca Hates Snow, The Shoveling Thereof [via TheMarySue]

[Pictures via HappyToast and TheFrogman]

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