An Uptight Chick-Fil-A Manager Banned His Employees From Using Slang

11.11.14 3 years ago 68 Comments


Eric the Chick-fil-a Manager has had enough of Slang Speak.

He doesn’t exactly know what “fleek” and “ratchet” mean, but he’s pretty sure he doesn’t want customers hearing those words. So, Eric the Chick-fil-a Manager — who used to be with It, but then they changed what It was; now what he’s with isn’t It, and what’s It seems weird and scary to him — posted a list of banned words for his employees to take note of.

I’m surprised “I am gay” isn’t on the list. Anyway, Eric the Chick-fil-a Manager really needs to chill and stop acting like a salty fool, cuz. Bye, Felicia.

Via Reddit

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