Chiefs-Chargers Live Blog, Second Half

11.01.12 5 years ago 565 Comments

Well, the Chiefs have still yet to hold a lead at any point in regulation this season. And neither Romeo Crennel nor Norv Turner were fired on the field during the first half. So little reason remains outside of direct rooting interest to tune into this game, yet the quality of the game hasn’t been anywhere as terrible as it could or deserves to be.

San Diego started the game with an efficient touchdown drive that ended with Antonio Gates getting into the end zone, much to the delight of frustrated fantasy owners. That score snapped the Chargers’ streak of six quarters without a touchdown. The Chiefs responded with an impressive looking drive of their own, until they got deep into the Chargers’ end of the field, and the inevitable killer turnover surfaced in the form of a Dwayne Bowe fumble.

The Chargers had a chance to land a potential death blow going into the half, with a first and goal leading 10-3. Philip Rivers had completed his first 14 passes at that point. He had to throw one pass away then forced a float in the end zone on third down that was intercepted.

Each teams has spotted the other a careless turnover on the opponent’s side of the field. But the Chargers have the edge because they have one completely successful drive to their credit. More than likely, that’s too much to ask the Chiefs to equal even if they have another full half to do it.

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