Chiefs Fans Want To Have An ‘Arrowhead Spring’

10.03.12 5 years ago 69 Comments

Chiefs fans are fed up with the team’s continued tolerance of the suckiness of quarterback Matt Cassel and general manager Scott Pioli. This is completely understandably, save for the fact that deposing Cassel will only likely lead to playing time for Brady Quinn and that isn’t good for anybody. But the general idea of getting rid of Cassel is a sound one.

Kansas City’s fan base is the latest to take up donations for the funding of critical banners, billboards and newspaper ads calling for dramatic upheaval for the Chiefs. This is standard operating procedure for restive, discontent fans. That it almost never results in any kind of substantive change is another discussion altogether. But if Chiefs fans want to let the bastards know they’re pissed, so be it. Have at it, guys. The only issue is some of them have taken to calling the movement “Arrowhead Spring.” Woof.

Look, don’t let me tell you what political language you can and should appropriate for your cause. And don’t presume I’m saying I find this offensive. Quite the contrary. But I’m not a good authority on these things. I find most objectively inappropriate and offensive things to be hilarious. And that’s why I find this to be amusing. Still, you probably shouldn’t be likening your campaign to get Matt Cassel benched to a spate of demonstrations that have resulted in a lot of bloodshed in addition to the recent death of a U.S. ambassador.

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