Chiefs-Steelers Live Blog, Second Half

11.12.12 5 years ago 874 Comments

It happened. The Chiefs SHOCKED THE WORLD by taking the lead over a team that already lost to the Raiders and Titans. Nevertheless, the Chiefs did take a lead in regulation time. It happened in the first quarter and they went on to hold it for most of the first half. Mike Tirico told Kansas City fans that their nightmare was over. That’s right, an end to suffering for now and always. Now they can die in peace, their anguish forever extinguished.

Once done switching between three-and-outs and fumbles, the Steelers finally began exacting Boss Todd’s revenge mostly via throws to an open Heath Miller. Mike Wallace caught a touchdown with his thighs and the shocking Chiefs lead was no more. It almost was a thing again going into the half, but Dwayne Bowe had a killer drop that would have set the Chiefs up in field goal range.

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