Chilly Chill vs. Amorphous Blob With Headset. WHO YA GOT?

01.02.09 9 years ago 38 Comments

When a former offensive coordinator who can’t coach offense and a head coach with no grasp on clock management get together, it makes you wonder how these two clowns aren’t working for Jim Johnson. It’s their second meeting since Brad Childress took the Vikings job, but now it’s with their seasons on the line (seasons that started with very high hopes, plummeted to the Earth, then still somehow resulted in playoff spots). WHO YA GOT?


Brad Childress_________________Andy Reid

Player Without Whom They’d Be 6-10

Purple Jesus___________________Brian Westbrook

Got a ‘stache?

Uh-huh_____________________Sure does


Major Dad or Mr. Noodle_____________Kirby

Celebrates win with

A vodka as big as your head______________Gatorade bucket full of butterscotch

Who wants to see Sweet Home Alabama, only set in Minnesota?


Style of FAIL

Meaningless challenges___________________Botched 4th and goals

Finishing move

Inducing Drew Magary heart attack______Suffering six more infarctions himself before estate is picked apart by deadbeat kids

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