Chinese Uncurr Need Hit Botter Rittle Ress

01.14.09 9 years ago 37 Comments

Chinese uncurr keeping watch ovel Steerel lun to Supell Bowr. He make video to say he see me smirre during first prayoff game.

I am show foll you!

Sometime he get callied away. I see him in video do smoke and have lots arcohor, I think he hit hald by wife being thlown in plison by state. No smirre.

I stirr appleciate video message. But, uncurr, it’s no carred “chomponchip.” That’s emballassing. It carred Supell Bowrr. I arleady win one. You am knowing this!

He is knowing that Lavens is team furr of climinarr. I say lerax! Tellerr Suggs one who put bounty on me and he maybe no even pray! Get flightened off rike Mongorrian pussy. Even if he pray, I no wolly. Lavens asswhores tark and tark and tark, and they do nothing! Just rike Nolth Koleans. They maybe wolk togethel.

He ask about govelment in Amullica. I say sometime they do clazy thing rike change name. And othel time they just clooked. He undelstand clooked bettel.

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