Chise – Almost There, Volume One: Visions, Vices & Vulnerabilities

02.23.14 4 years ago

chise almost there

Staten Island, stand up! Chise hails from the same borough that’s birthed some undisputed hip-hop legends, and his style definitely lends itself to the very roots of the genre. Don’t take that as the dude not bringing a certain contemporary vibe or voice, because that isn’t the case. But whenever piano chords and hooks that croon ever so soulfully outweigh an 808 slap, the ghosts of hip-hop past have to be smiling. Just a little bit.

So it goes with Almost There, Volume One: Visions, Vices & Vulnerabilities. There’s still talk of getting rich and making it in a very flashy way, but this ethos is so firmly tethered to the genre’s more vintage days that it should make a fan out of most.

Hit play and keep your ears peeled for more.

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