In Hopes Of Curbing Douchebagness, Chris Brown Enters Anger Management Rehab

10.30.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

Chris Brown has finally taken the appropriate steps in silencing that little voice inside that says “turn up! turn up! turn up!” The troubled entertainer has voluntarily entered a treatment center for his anger management issues.

According to reports, Chris flew straight to Cali and met with probation officials before checking into rehab on Tuesday. As you may recall, Chris allegedly broke a guy’s nose over the weekend. The alleged assault landed the star in jail for all of two seconds before being given free with reduced charges.

Mark Geragos, Chris’ superman/lawyer, tells the NY Daily News that his asshat client told him he wanted to “take some time and do a little introspection and understand everything that’s going on around him.”

Way to go, Chris! Your intentions might be questioned but the part of me that still believes in Santa Claus is certain that you’re serious about not being a d*ckhead anymore. This is about you getting help and not about having your probation revoked and spending 12 and a half days in prison. Godspeed, man!

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