Apparently, Chris Brown Is Being Treated Unfairly

12.13.09 8 years ago 43 Comments

Chris Brown’s mediocre album isn’t being sold at some retailers. And Mr. Breezy is angry. He feels wronged. So he took his qualms to Twitter.

Because of Brown’s Twitter rant above, I propose this: While Tiger Woods is on his hiatus, he should be allowed to practice his short game by chip-shotting Chris’ little pop-locking nuts into a blender.

Let me rewind.

Spoiler Alert: Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. A lot. As a result, he’s taking time off and is losing millions of dollars. His star has plummeted and who knows how he’ll recover.

Chris Brown beat the holy hell out his girlfriend. He broke the law. And he is mad his album isn’t at a Target in Cleveland or Omaha?

What Tiger did was wrong. I don’t want to get on a high horse, but cheating on your wife is terrible. I’m not one that makes those excuses and allowances for athletes either. But on my own personal Stages of Hell flowchart, beating a woman is on a whole different circle.

Yet this brat is upset because his album is being undershipped. Chap, cut your losses and be happy that you are still putting out an album, no matter how lackluster it is or how much you look like a 21st century village person on the cover. I bet somewhere Tiger is wishing he had Chris Brown’s problems right now.

My problem is the boy has come out of this situation with a sense of entitlement. Yeah, technically, we can all forgive him. And you may even think it’s the right thing to do at this point. But no one owes him forgiveness.

Finally, maybe your album isn’t at retailers because it sucks. Just throwing that out there.

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