Chris Cooley Has Some Choice Words For The Cowboys

10.08.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

It’s rivalry week in the NFL and we’re all in for a treat of a Sunday Night Football matchup as the 2-3 Cowboys host the 1-3 Redskins in a battle probably being fought over a $1 bet between Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones. Even though former Redskins TE and current Redskins broadcaster Chris Cooley won’t be suiting up, he has some words of inspiration that he’d like to share via his friend “Fat Pickle” and Fat Pickle’s wife, Rebecca:

By the way, Tony Romo’s on the line for you he says he wanted a meal, not a snack.*

*I know this because I intercepted the call.

Cooley has always been a favorite of the Redskins’ faithful, perhaps due in part to his Scrap, Grit, and Hustle, but also perhaps due to his tendency to sometimes talk like a human being instead of a media-programmed one game at a time robot. It’s nice to hear a modern athlete who sounds more like a fan than a player sometimes since it gives us a tiny bit of hope that maybe we’re not so insane after all.

Also that time he posted a picture of his wiener on the internet when he thought he was writing a blog post about studying his playbook was pretty good too. We’ve all been there, Chris.

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