Chris Kluwe Forced To Choose Football Over Partying With The Gays

06.04.13 4 years ago 11 Comments


As a recognition of his ongoing efforts to be a friend of the gays, Chris Kluwe was invited to the White House next Thursday for an event marking LGBT Pride Month. Quite an honor. Problem is, said event coincides with the Raiders mandatory minicamp. Since Kluwe probably already lost one punting job on account of his gay rights advocacy, it’s best for the future of his football career that he not start his tenure in Oakland with an absence on account of more political stuff.

So Kluwe made a big show on Twitter yesterday about how he had to write an anguished letter to Obama refusing the invitation. It does have to be tough to turn down an invite to meet with the president, but if you’re a punter for the Raiders, you’re gonna get some work. Best get in as much practice as you can. Especially when it’s, y’know, contractually mandated.

If anything, this should serve as a lesson that football is not a choice. It is who we are.

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