Christina Hendricks & Olivia Munn Are The Latest Celebs To Have Their Cell Phone Pics Surface On The Internet

03.05.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

Ugh. When will people, especially celebrities, learn to stop taking provocative pics of themselves with their phones? Chances are, they’re GOING TO END UP ON THE INTERNET, PEOPLE!

And such is the case with internet favorites Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn, both of which appear to have had their phones hacked. Photos of the two, some of which were revealed naughty parts, were posted by an anonymous user to a discussion thread on a seedy website I’m not going to link to.

Reports the Washington Post:

Hendricks’s rep confirmed to TMZ that the “Mad Men” star’s cellphone was hacked and that some of the photos, including pictures of the actress in lingerie, are of her. But a topless photo that does not show a face in frame is not of the actress, according to the rep. Police have been notified about the alleged hacking, according to E!.

Munn’s rep has not commented on the alleged photos, most of which show a woman in lingerie. Sources told TMZ that a faceless, nude photo is not of the former “Daily Show” correspondent.

One thing we, the internet, learned through all this: Olivia Munn is apparently good at Photoshop. And Chris Pine (Munn’s ex) appears to be a lucky dude. The non-nude pics that surfaced are after the jump (Only because they’re already EVERYWHERE. And be warned — a couple of the Munn pics are semi-NSFW and contain some filthy words).

Meanwhile, again people — stop taking nude pics of yourself with cell phones.


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