Christopher Nolan’s Blue’s Clues (and Links)

11.29.10 7 years ago

Have you signed up for the Daily Breakdown yet? I’ve been court-ordered to ask you that, also to inform you that I’m moving in next door. [Uproxx]

Cartoon Movie Adaptations: A History [Uproxx]

Today’s Top Story: Woman Flashes Breasts To Rob Very Happy Victim [UproxxNews]

Corgi Friday. The last picture nearly killed me. [WarmingGlow]

Leslie Nielsen (1926 – 2010) [

Are You Thankful For Higher Prices? [UproxxNews]

Who Heriocally Freed A Trapped Dwarf? [UproxxNews]

Germans set hockey shootout record [WithLeather]

From Meast To Least In One Short Second [KSK]

Killer Mike – “Ghetto Extraordinary” Mini-Movie [TSS]

Real Talk NY’s Top Photo Moments Of 2010 [SoKodak]

Kesha’s Idiocy Is Blinding [WWTDD]

Buildings Named After Bad People [TheSmokingJacket]

That Guy Actor of the Week: Richard Masur [Unreality]

20 Things You Think You Should Know About Charlie Sheen [EgoTV]

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VIDEO BELOW: Christopher Nolan’s Blue’s Clues [via THD]

[Pictures via TheFrogman and BoingBoing]

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