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Miss Paris

Miss Paris

Chromecast May Be TV Game-Changer [CNN]

The Idiocy Of ‘The Jadeveon Clowney Rule’ [TSFJ]

Google Adds “Grooveshark” to Its Piracy Blacklist [Digital Music News]

Dom Kennedy Discusses ‘Get Home Safely’ [Stashed]

Supercut Alert: Every Movie Reference in The Simpsons [Film Drunk]

KiD CuDi Confirms Plain Pat & Emile Reunion For ‘MOTM 3’ [2DBz]

Who’s the Rap Game Tim Duncan? [Refined Hype]

Robin Thicke Calls Upcoming Album ‘Soulful, Sexy, Fun’ [Radio]

Bangin Candy: Gorgeous Thai Vixen Angie Ang [Hip-Hop Wired]

Chloë Li: Tights N’ Heels [The Spizzy]

How To Slide Down The Bannister With Perfect Fail [Giant]

Win a Night Out With Kobe Bryant To Help Fight Homelessness [Dime]

Mother Wants Son To Get Laid Before Harvard, Places Ad [Peeperz]

The 30 Best City Inspired Sneakers of All Time [Complex]

FSU Tight End Nick O’Leary’s Motorcycle Crash Will Leave You Speechless [With Leather]

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