Chromeo Avoids Bar Brawl With Napoleon Dynamite In ‘Old 45s’ Video

09.30.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

For those who haven’t noticed or just aren’t paying attention, Chromeo is having their breakout year. Although they’ve walked the line of mainstream success a few times in their decade-long career, the spring release of their fourth album White Women landed them numerous commercial spots, chart success in multiple countries and their best-selling album to date.

Keeping that momentum full steam ahead, the Canadian funk lords deliver a video/mini-movie for one of the LP’s stand-out songs, ‘Old 45s.’ To bring the track’s nostalgic theme to life, Dave and P-Thugg find themselves in a hole in the wall bar off the beaten path of humanity, where they narrowly avoid an all out bar brawl and get the lady of their eye stolen by Napoleon Dynamite.

Love the song and this video is a lot of fun, but with meager surroundings and a guest star stealing the lead girl, isn’t this concept quite similar to the ‘Jealous’ visuals? Just sayin.’

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