Classified Gets Innovative & Interactive With New Promo Push

08.26.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Since technology changes faster than Speedy Gonzalez eats enchiladas these days, musicians really have to take into account every viable option out there to promote themselves. Via much more than just music videos and stapling posters on light poles, rappers and rockers alike must factor in entire viral campaigns for their albums if they want success on their palette.

Classified is well aware of this.

Thankfully for both him and us, the Canadian rhymer who strictly spits is taking advantage of damn near every outlet available for the continual push of his unheralded 2009 album, Self Explanatory. But, instead of trying to explain how homeboy is promoting using his own video game, viral visuals and user-chosen storyline, I’ll save myself the fumble and let Class’s right-hand Greg explain their innovative ad campaign.

Classified’s ‘Self Explanatory’ album featured a series of interludes that follow a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type story line, leading the listener through a day in the life of Class. After a very successful year and a half run with the album, Class decided to treat fans to the visuals by way of an engaging 8-bit videogame style interactive website and contest before getting ready to release material from his upcoming release. features all 6 CYOA videos for fans to experience in a number of different possible sequences. You can log in via Facebook in order to earn points that you can use to win some cool Classified prizes. You earn 50,000 points for watching each video, and additional points for inviting Facebook friends to come check out the site, as well as posting daily tweets. The grand prize is VIP passes for you and a friend to any Classified show, a signed copy of Self Explanatory, and a handwritten lyric sheet written and signed by Class (winner chooses the song). There are also additional lyric sheets, signed CDs, and Classified prize packs up for grabs, and fans can keep track of their score via the High Scores page at the end of the final video.

And you thought Def Jam was the only label putting MCs in video games. Who needs a major?

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