“Classified Search…”

01.24.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

The homie Shake said he was “on the fence” about “Anybody Listening,” the new single from Maple Leaf rapper Classified.

Well, I’m officially over that fence and headed to the party.

Until I checked this song specifically, I’d never even heard of dude. Now, my broke ass is searching the Web for free download links. It’s a rarity and I’m not proud of it. But, Class has serious talent and I’m left wanting way more.

Just check his MySpace player for the pudding.

The lead single off Self Explanatory, “Listening” is an up-tempo, positive and radio-ready jam, complete with a sick flow and dope Phil Collins sample. “Trouble” is a street-single that’s grimy enough to hit the bricks, but strays far enough away from the gutter to keep my ear. Over some beautiful keys, thick bass and crisp drums, “Beatin It” is why rap leaves more room for artistic creativity than any other form of music. “All About U” sounds like Slug, but happier. Continuing his personal-sentiment, “No Mistakes” can be heard through every listener’s POV and appreciated in the same light. Lastly, “Fall From Paradise” chronicles achievements in rap through a hindsight few rappers will ever see.

As I’m finishing up this piece, with no links to be found, I’m digging Classifeid’s music so much I’m seriously contemplating dipping into the measly few dollars still left in my checking account to cop.

I see you Class, 20/20, so return the favor and help a homie out!

Classified – Anybody Listening


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